About Us

Welcome to Fred Francis Builders, LP. We were raised in Rutherford County and have been in business here for over 30 years. We pride ourselves in being a multigenerational business. Exceptional quality, unique style and a smooth building process are our specialties. Our team pours over every detail so that your home building experience is both enjoyable and cost effective. We are very “hands on” for each of our projects and work directly with our clients, you will never have to work with a superintendent or foreman.

Fred, Jama, and their son Jake each bring their unique talents to the table. Fred started working “hands-on” in the construction business over 35 years ago with Jama’s father, a custom home builder. He has gained a wealth of hands-on knowledge. Jake has been involved in our construction business most of his life learning directly from his father and sub-contractors. He has experience managing custom home projects and renovations. He holds a B.S. degree in Soil Science. Both Fred and Jake bring to the table great communication skills, hard work ethic and integrity. Fred and Jake are on the job-sites daily, in constant communication with the homeowner, they know the best building products and have an extremely talented group of sub-contractors. Jama works behind the scenes as the liaison between the homeowner’s design wishes, the construction team and suppliers providing you detailed forms on when and where to pick out selections. With her 30 years of experience in new construction design, she is happy to help with design selections or work directly with your personal designer.

Deep Roots

We have generation’s worth of experience. Jama’s father, James Whitehead, began building custom homes in the early ‘80’s in Rutherford County. Fred began framing homes in the late 80’s and eventually started building homes in 1990 and Jake grew up on the job site.

We're Invested in Your Home

We understand that building a home is a huge investment. It’s more than nails and paint; it’s your home and we’re honored that you are considering us. You want someone who you can trust and who is going to build the house you want. With Fred Francis Builders, you get an experienced, professional builder who works diligently to build your custom home.

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Built for Your Style

Each and every Fred Francis Builders home is personalized to the tiniest detail to reflect your unique style. Our on-staff home designer, Jama Francis has over 30 years of home design experience. Jama works closely with you throughout the home building process to sort through the hundreds of home detail choices. From building materials to paint colors, no one else gets as excited as Jama when it comes to helping you create the “look” for your new home.

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Plan the Work and Work the Plan

Effective communication is the key to making the home building process as smooth as possible. We understand that many horror stories exist about irresponsible home builders that can¹t be reached, cause delays and go over budget. While no builder can control the weather, we make every effort to get your home built on-time and within budget and you can reach us 24/7. Why? Because we understand that referrals are the best advertising and our customers are our best sources for new projects.

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